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Below are some of the presentations that were featured during the

2018 ACCT Leadership Congress in New York City. If you presented on a topic, and would like to add your presentation to this list, please email a PDF version to 


Accreditation: The View from the Board Room

Beyond Articulation Agreements: Scaling Seamless Success Across Higher Education Institutions in the Same Market

Beyond Insecurities: An Examination of Single Stop’s Impact on the Academic Achievement of Students at the Community College of Philadelphia

Conferring Baccalaureate Degrees in Community Colleges

Enterprise Risk ManagementA Board of Trustees Risk Oversight Responsibility

Decision Time: Why trust the management of your strategic asset, Information Technology, to an outside partner?

Dual Enrollment: Two Colleges’ Perspectives on Building Success through Partnerships

Eliminating the Ultimate Barrier: Granting Students Control of their Own Records while Ensuring Security and Trust

Imperial Valley College Correctional Educational Services: Educational and Supportive Services for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Students

Intersecting Educational and Operational Success Outcomes

It's All About the Base

Managing Risk in an Open Technological Environment

Maximizing Resources to Provide Technical Education for Rural High Schools

Stories of Equity and Inclusion Building at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Strategic Enrollment Management: Unpacking the Enrollment Funnel for Student Success

The Better Your Bond Rating, the Better You Can Address Workforce Needs

The Board, Student Success and Accreditation: Perfect Together

The Dallas Promise Network

The Future of College Promises Through Evolving and Growing Relationships

The Trustee’s Role in Equity-Minded Strategic Enrollment Management

Three Student Success Concepts Every Board Member Needs to Know

Trustees’ Roles and Responsibilities in Collective Bargaining

A Tsunami of Change

Tuition Policy: Paving the Path to Student Success

Utilizing Policy Governance to Guide the Development of New Pathways to Student Success

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