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Are you planning for an in-person conference?

Yes, we are moving forward with an in-person conference in San Diego, October 13 - 16. 

What protocols will you have in place to ensure a safe conference?

We will follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing, mask wearing, and all other health measures that they have in place for large in-person gatherings at the time of the event. We will also be looking at California's state guidelines, as well as the guideline set by the Manchester Grand Hyatt. 

Will you be offering a virtual event option?

As of now, we are doing an in-person conference. Depending the attendance, and the status of the pandemic, we may provide a virtual option, but it won't be simultaneous to the in-person conference. 

What is the deadline to cancel a conference registration and receive a refund?

Should you cancel your event registration after September 15th, the policy is that ACCT will either 1.)  provide a refund minus a $250 processing fee or 2.) apply your registration fee as a credit towards the 2022 ACCT National Legislative Summit. The decision to receive a refund or a credit in this scenario is yours. Additional information on the cancellation process and COVID-19 protocols can be found on our website:

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