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Track 1

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives

Submit presentation proposals relating to diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives that demonstrate innovation or which have proved to advance these interests at your college. 


Track 2

Partnerships & Collaborations

Partnerships and collaborations are vital to community and technical colleges’ abilities to adapt, innovate, and to fill communities’ needs. Submit presentation proposals that showcase effective partnerships, including those that have advanced your college’s institutional resource development or created new business opportunities.

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Track 3

Board Basics: How to be an Effective Trustee

Governance best practices are fundamental to effective trusteeship. Submit proposals that will help new trustees to understand their roles, responsibilities and limitations from peer trustees’ perspectives, or propose sessions about more advanced governance topics that will benefit new and experienced trustees alike.

Student Life

Track 4

New Pathways to Student Success

The success of students is paramount to community colleges’ missions. We are seeking presentation proposals from colleges that have identified challenges and effective solutions to barriers to student success. Sessions that demonstrate improved outcomes and explain how they were accomplished as well as special-interest topics will be considered.


Track 5

Proven Solutions to Boost Enrollment

Economic downturns typically result in increased enrollments at community and technical colleges; however, over the past year, enrollments at community colleges throughout the country have suffered. We are seeking presentation proposals that showcase proven solutions to boosting enrollment, including new lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid 19

Track 6

Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic

From broad lessons to specific ones, challenging times like the pandemic era can serve as a goldmine for innovation and entrepreneurial thinking, as well as for profound lessons about the value of community and technical colleges to their communities. We are seeking sessions that detail how colleges navigated the COVID-19 pandemic and what they learned from the experiences that can be applied into the future.

Proposal Elements

  • Title of Presentation

  • Track Choice

  • Presentation Description (150 words or less)

  • Anticipated Outcomes for Presentation (What will attendees learn from this?)

  • List of Presenters (Name, title, and organization)

Guidelines for Submission

  • The presentation must include at least one trustee among the presenters.

  • The presentation must address of the tracks. 

  • All presenters MUST register for the ACCT Leadership Congress.

  • Proposals must include a letter of support from the college.

  • All concurrent session presenters must pay $225 for AV equipment (LCD Projector/Screen) if requested.