Guidelines for Virtual Presentations

The 2020 ACCT Virtual Leadership Congress will consist of 60 concurrent sessions from October 5th to October 8th. In the world of virtual events, these sessions are designated as “mock live” presentations because they will be pre-recorded. However, presenters will have the ability to answer live Q&A from attendees during the scheduled time of the session. Below are guidelines, and tips for presenters.


  • All presentations are 60 minutes.


  • All presenters to pre-record their presentations via Zoom. If you have another platform like Microsoft Teams, or Goto Meetings, as long as you can record and send an MP4 file, you can use those as well.

            PLEASE NOTE: If your College does not have a Zoom account, please contact       

  , to make arrangements to use the ACCT Zoom account.

  • Presenters are responsible for coordinating a day and time to record their own presentation.

  • The presentation recording must be sent to ACCT no later than Friday, September 11th.

  • At least one presenter should be available on the day the session goes “live” to answer the Q&A from the attendees. You will be able to answer questions in real time.

  • If you would like to include materials/resources along with your presentation, please email those materials to no later than Friday, September 11th.

  • All presenters MUST register for the ACCT Virtual Leadership Congress, please go to for more information.


  • Begin your presentation with brief introductions of each presenter, and the title of the session.


  • The recording that you submit will be the FINAL version of your presentation, so please review the recording carefully prior to sending it to ACCT. The recording will be available for viewing following the conference.


  • If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, please visit where you can find video tutorials and other important resources to teach you have to use zoom in the most effective way.



1. After recording your zoom presentation, please download the MP4 video file from Zoom, and save it to your computer. Please SAVE IT AS: CollegeNameDateofSession


2. Please go to this FREE file sharing site:

3. Create a FREE account using your email address.

4. Once you verify your account, you can sign into Hightail


5. Once you are signed in, click on “SENDS” on the top left-hand side of the screen.

6. Then click on SEND FILES

7. In the Email Line Enter

8. In the Subject Line – Put the Name of Your College

9. In the Message box – Put the Title of Your session

10. Upload the file and click on NEXT, then be sure to check off “Get a Download Receipt” (This will notify you when the file has been successfully downloaded)

11. Click on Send, and you are DONE!

For questions, please contact Christina Simons, Director of Educational Events at or 202-384-5814.